Acts of Making:

Bilston Craft Gallery and the Crafts Council.


Clare Twomey ‘Is It Madness. Is It Beauty.’ ROTOR – Siobhan Davies Studios, South London Gallery 3-14 November 2010

During February there is a series of projects that will be run through Bilston Craft Gallery and the Crafts Council.  Three artist challenging definitions of Craft practice will be performing or creating work.  We have been approached to see if Students from Wolverhampton would take part in the events.  The events will happen between 14th and 28th of February 2015.  The three artists are Clare Twomey (ceramics), Mah Rana (Jewellery), and Richard Wheater (Glass).  Although these artists are associated with craft materials and practice the event will include work that is performance based, collaboration with the public, installation and processions.

TandS 2

Richard William Wheater: Tree and Scooters, Wakefield 2013

Initially we are seeking students who would be interested in participating in the event so that we can negotiate with the organisers and artists.  We are also hoping to find ways that the artists can do a talk or presentation about their work and this project to student groups.

Clare Twomey is looking for 4-5 students to be performers (there will be 4hours of training involved also). Mah Rana will be looking for 3-4 students to engage with the public for her project at an event on one day at Bilston Craft Gallery.  Richard Wheater will be looking for students to inform the public about the project at an event in starting in Bilston and finishing in Wolverhampton.


Mah Rana, Meanings and Attachments,(2002-present)

If you are interested please contact Paul McAllister P.Mcallister@wlv.ac.uk or Christian Mieveschristian.mieves@wlv.ac.uk ASAP so we can begin to organise for your participation. Please see the links below that give you some context for the events.