Artist in Residence: (2013-14)

Artist in Residence: (2013-14)



Caroline Ali

Caroline is interested in drawing as a time-based event and as an act of creating material memory. Her core concern is with processes of observation and recording, along with the trace or evidence of these activities. In researching observation and drawing she has investigated a range of ideas, taking cognitive neuroscience, phenomenology, semiotics and memory as starting points.

Her current practice includes sequential drawing which inherently refers to the saccades (tiny movements) of the eye that are part of the process of vision. The sequencing of such drawings lends itself to exploration of the resultant imagery through stop frame animation. The complex experiential process of observing traces of past processes of drawing within the museum environment is examined through the anticipatory nature of drawn animation. The experience of drawing in the museum environment has been further explored through sound and presentation, crucial to the reception of the work and the attention of the viewer.

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Ruth Robinson

R H Robinson is a progressive English artist and writer based in Birmingham, UK.  A professional freelance worker with a range of traditional fine art skills she produces paper constructions and writes essays and reports.  She also undertakes short-term commissions and residencies in the education, health, heritage and voluntary sectors where she provides consultation and art direction.

In response to culture-led regeneration my work contests the status and role of the creative within contemporary art practice and arts relationship to assumed audiences.  I aim to instigate debate via direct action and occupation.  Works vary from transitory projects to formal enquiries.  These activities intentionally operate in opposing spheres- anonymous places and established art spaces.  This dichotomy informs a critical observation of art and its systems and the pro-active research that is fundamental to my work.

Research and documentary led the site-specific outcome is commonly intervention, event and critical text.

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