Art Education Development Opportunity

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The Wolverhampton Art Teachers

Network calls for Fine Art students

(at any level) to contribute to a

knowledge sharing event, focusing on

the Diaspora Pavilion, from Venice to

Wolverhampton, the newly opened

exhibition at Wolverhampton Art


We invite you to respond to the

exhibition through your practice and

consider how you might re-interpret

this into a workshop or activity

that will engage young people. This

interpretation can have a loose link

to the exhibition and its themes. You

will have the opportunity on the 28th

of February 5 – 7pm at the gallery

to share and discuss your ideas with

art teachers from across the West

Midlands to explore the ways in which

young people, schools and artists can

engage and learn from this influential


If you have an interest in working with

young people, this is an opportunity to

consider your practice within the context

of the art gallery and art education

in a supportive environment.

The Diaspora Pavilion will be open

from the 9th of February. Join us for a

curator’s talk/tour of the exhibition on

Tuesday the 20th of February at 11am

for more information.


More Info:

Contact Laura Onions if you have any

further queries:


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