A seat in which to read


Where do we sit at work and at home? Behind the desk, on the sofa, the garden chair, at the kitchen table, in bed, the train. Do you have a chair of your own in which to read? Does this place change or stay the same?

To coincide with International Women’s day on the 8th of March, we invite you to bring in a chair of your own for, A seat in which to read, a pop up exhibition and reading event from the 5th – 9th March which will take place in the Millennium City Building gallery space.

Along with a chair, we ask that each woman select a key piece of writing that holds importance for you. On the 8th of March, we will host a reading event in which fragments and excepts from the texts will be read. We hope to open up informal conversations about making space for ourselves and others in education, how we acknowledge and share what we learn from other women and the intergenerational narratives that emerge through this.

Your selected text can be varied in nature. Theoretical, experimental, fiction, poetry, letters, conversations, new or old. The only criteria, that it must have been authored by a woman.

A seat in which to read – Call[1]