Fine Art Students selected for New Art West Midland 2016

New Art West Midlands 2016

12 February – 16 May 2016

A selected exhibition of work by graduates of West Midlands art schools that takes place at venues across the region between February and May each year. The New Art West Midlands 2016 exhibition was selected by Sonia Boyce, John Stezaker and Katharine Stout and features work by 43 artists. Fine Art Wolverhampton graduates include:

Claire Buckerfield

Incorporating performance, trace and repetition, Claire Buckerfield pushes the boundaries of an expanded field of drawing in her installations. She uses the immediacy and energy of drawing to capture something intangible that is transferred from artist to surface during the process of mark making.


Rosa Denby

Rosa Denby’s paintings aim to contrast control with a lack of control. Manipulating oil paint, scratching and removing it from the surface of the canvas, she has created a series of self-portraits reminiscent of Pauline Boty’s Pop Art paintings that express feelings of multiple anxieties.


Aimee Millward

Aimee Millward explores the relationship between the handmade gesture and the uses of digital technology within contemporary painting. Her recent paintings modernise Monet’s ‘Water Lily’ series by fragmenting and simplifying these iconic works through a process of pixellation that creates a dialogue between the historical and contemporary using colour.


Richard Savine

Richard Savine’s paintings are a joyful mix of pop culture, street art and graffiti, some embodying levels of pareidolia, the phenomenon whereby the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists. There is a mix of fond memories from childhood, light loose narratives from dreams as well as darker imagery from nightmares.



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