Fine Art Artist Talk: Guernica in Manchester

Fine Art Artist Talk:

2 Dec 2015 12, MK045 Lecture Theatre All Welcome. 


Tim Dunbar

Guernica in Manchester Re-Representation



Guernica in Manchester Re-Representation is a drawing project based on an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the exhibition of Picasso’s Guernica in a car showroom in Manchester that is reported to have occurred during the first two weeks of February in 1939. The project includes a quarter scale “mapping” study of Guernica and a number of text-based drawings based on written descriptions of direct encounters with the painting. Drawings have been informed by reference to the ‘Manchester Foodship for Spain’ archive material in the Working Class Movement Library, and eyewitness commentaries of the Manchester Guernica exhibition, including two previously unknown accounts from students who studied at Manchester School of Art in the late 1930s. The project is underpinned by the notion of a ‘conspiracy of Guernica’ implicated by Herbert J. Southworth in his classic text “Guernica! Guernica! A study of Journalism, Diplomacy, Propaganda and History”.

The narrative of a drawing’s production process, it’s constant erasures, adjustments and re-workings allude to, metaphorically at least, a representation of history that has been constructed through a ‘dialectic of doubt’, the product of an exchange between the possibilities of certainty and the anxiety of uncertainty.