Dirty Practice/ Painting Workshop

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Painting Workshop

 ‘Knowledge is derived from doing and the senses that could not been achieved through other approaches’ (Barett 2007, 2). [1]

22-26 June 2015, Fine Art Faculty of Arts,  Wolverhampton University

The week-long workshop aims to provide participants with the opportunity to both observe discuss and take part in a sustainable model of studio based practice alongside practitioners who engage in and teach through their own painting practice. 

The specialist painting workshops in a ‘master class’ style offer a small group of participants  a chance to engage with professional artistic practitioners, to develop a project and to take part in an dynamic discussion on painting.

Registration deadline: 8 June 2015

Registration Fee: One week workshop:  £30 (students)  £60 (non-students) (fee includes material and refreshments).


For more information see the workshop website:



Contact: Christian Mieves (Christian.Mieves@wlv.ac.uk)


[1] For a further discussion, see for examples the recent special issue ‘The Art School; questioning the studio’ Journal of Visual Art Practice13: 1 (2014).