Stuart Layton: Artist Talk, Weds 14 Jan 2015

Stuart Layton is Visiting Speaker Weds 14 Jan 2015, MK045 Lecture Theatre, 11 AM. Everybody welcome.


Stuart Layton (b. Walsall 1972) works across film, painting and installation to explore the consumption of history, folklore & childhood recollections and analysis of to what extent history is actually fabricated to suit the political agenda of the day. It is often assumed that history is a straight-forward representation of past events, but Layton’s work makes cause for the invocation of historian E H Carr’s maxim that: ‘There is no such thing as history, only historians.’ In a similar vein, Leopold von Ranke taught that to articulate the past historically does not mean to recognise it ‘the way it was’. In short, history, like memory is constructed and reconstructed in relation to the perspectives and prejudices of the individual. The common theme in all of Layton’s film montages is his critical examination of memory and editorial choice in the formation of political and personal histories and personally political histories. He often considers the ‘just-past’ too, in order to scrutinise the much-contested site of ‘contemporary history’.

Layton is an emerging artist whose work has been exhibited both Nationally and Internationally.

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