Fine Art Student selected for Guiltyvine’s ‘Artist in Season’.

The work of Aimee Millward features internationally in Guiltyvine’s ‘Artist in Season’.

The second source of inspiration comes from New York in the late 40’s and early 50’s where abstract expressionism put the city’s art scene on the map. Gestural artist Jackson Pollock being the influential figure and critic Robert Coates who coined the movement inspiring artists such as Franz Kline, Barnett Newman and Joan Mitchell; an inspiration of Aimee Millward, Guiltyvine’s ‘Artist in Season’.


Aimee’s fantastic artwork provides the perfect link between these movements which in turn helps create a collection that fuses both colour and print harmoniously.

Using the classic Guiltyvine blocks new styles have been added including a Harrington jacket, tall shirt, suit short, blazer and a leather tote rucksack. Slight twist of pocket detailing and heavy colour contrast panelling produce a well-crafted, stylish Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Fabrics include cotton satin and Egyptian superfine cotton shirting, new fine worsted suiting fabric (perfect for summer), quality cotton jersey’s and cotton French terry sweats.